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Feb. 13th, 2012 11:32 am
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Need to make this short because I'm procrastinating writing a speech.
I'm one of those procrastinators that gets really productive when I need to do something else.
I'll do my taxes, clean my room, do other homework, run errands, cook something, do laundry, organize the files on my computer.... but then I have less time to do my task >>

This journal will be a mix of public and private posts.
Just wanted to get something down here to get things rolling.

What is the speech about, you say?
It will be about the model for the process of interpreting shown in "So You Want To Be an Interpreter?" by Janice Humphrey and Bob Alcorn.

I will show the steps in the model, compare them to the steps in the Aristotelian model for communication, and discuss what goes on while communication is taking place (competing stimuli etc). I will compare vocabulary from both models; for example "Filter" and "baggage" vs "Schema."

HAHA Sorry this is such a dry first post. But oh well. I can be dry and informative, and I can be fun and silly. If you want to see both sides you'll just have to come back, won't you?

Til then,

ciao XD



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